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 Welcome to the municipality of Hazmieh    
Hazmieh History

Hazmieh’s name has been related, more than once over the history of Lebanon, to the names of princes who owned most of its wealth. It was also the victim of various attacks from warriors, invaders, sheep’s thieves and crop vandals.

That was ancient history, but nowadays Hazmieh is a city, a suburb and a rock from the mountain: it is a city with its broad streets, buildings, luxury homes, markets, businesses, institutions, hospitals, banks, schools and universities and its residents to whom we owe the credit for the achieved development and prosperity.

In addition, the city is a major community where Lebanon’s elite lived, led by the late President Elias Sarkis as well as a large number of presidents, ministers, deputies, ambassadors, consuls and artists like the great composer Dr. Wadih el Safi, the legendary Sabah, the singer Samira Tawfik, The Arabic Star Walid Toufic and his wife Georgina Rizk, former Miss Universe, the star Assi El Halani and many personalities from the social, cultural, artistic and scientific fields. Furthermore, among the residents, we can count several senior officers, many industrialists, bankers, company owners, traders and general managers from the public and private sectors especially in upper Hazmieh in the area known as Mar Takla.