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 Welcome to the municipality of Hazmieh    
Hazmieh Monuments

Zubaydah barrages:
Queen Zubaydah, wife of Haroon (King of the Syrians), brought the River Ibrahim water to different regions of the Lebanese coast, in the third century before Christ. These barrages were built with precision and meticulous care that led Sheikh Tannous Shidyaq to describe them as wonderful foundations and constructions. A section of the arches are still in place to this day in Hazmieh, as a testimony to the ancient glory of this region and its historical pride.

Pasha Bridge:
This bridge was built more than a hundred years ago during the era of the third governor Rustam Pasha (in 1878) and remained until recently a narrow corridor for cars but it began falling apart as it started to bend in 1953, then a large portion of it split after the 1958 earthquake and it finally collapsed that same year. It is worth mentioning that this location was originally called the upper ford and then named after it.

Pashas Graves:
The pashas’ graves are located on the junction of Damascus Road - Baabda, and were the favorite landscape of the second Governor Franco Pasha, who often went there for a walk, looking for relaxation and peace of mind. Because of his love for this land of Hazmieh, he built a grave and was buried in it when he died in 1873 and later his son Fouad was buried next to him. Many other personalities of that time built their tombs in this particular spot of land and drew attention by building great shrines with striking geometric designs and marble statues with accurate details. Note that these cemeteries have been damaged by wars and natural causes.