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 Welcome to the municipality of Hazmieh    
Hazmieh Churches

St. Roukoz Cathedral :
(Maronite community).
Early in the fourth quarter of the nineteenth century, Hazmieh was still a small village inhabited by few landlords and dozens of farmers. In 1878, Mr. Gibran Farah donated a plot of land to build a small church in the name of Mar Roukoz. With the passage of time and evolution of Hazmieh from a small village to an important suburb and then to an autonomous city, the sons of the town stood together to build a new church in 1932. The church has been renovated and expanded in the last decade of the last century to fulfil the aspirations of the people who called Hazmieh home and where their business grew.

Church of Mar Elias :
(Maronite community).
A small church from the estate of the late Elias Alaarani, that accommodates about 150 persons.
It was inaugurated by His Holiness Ignatius Ziada Bishop of the diocese at that time. Its small size creates an atmosphere of reverence and true piety.

Church of Mar Takla :
(Maronite community).
It is located on one of the most important sites in Hazmieh, close to Mar Takla square and has given its name to the residential center in Upper Hazmieh. It was founded in 1918 on the estate of Al Asmar Family. The new church was built in 1982 with a modern architectural design. Mar Takla became a pilgrimage site for everyone seeking faith and an important station in Hazmieh for residents and visitors from all over the world.

Church of Saint John the Beloved :
(The Melkite Catholic community).
Founded in 1988 and inaugurated by His Holiness Habib Pasha, God bless his soul, this church can accommodate about 350 people.  It contains a library of more than 20,000 books in Arabic, French and English that fulfils the wishes of intellectuals, scholars and seekers of faith and knowledge.

Carmelite Fathers Monastery (Monastery of Our Lady of Carmel) :
Latin Community – In front of TV Lebanon.
The construction started in 1965 and was completed in 1968. The church was inaugurated by then Father Boulos Bassim, who later became Bishop of Latins. An almost free school for children of the region has been constructed within the complex and was transformed into a center for theological studies in 1999.

Mechitarist Fathers Monastery :
Central Hazmieh for the Armenian Community.
Founded in 1956 on an area of 13,500 m2 in Hazmieh, including  today a high school run by three monks.

Community Church of God :
Mar Takla-Mart - the evangelical community.
Built on an area of 650 m2 and launched in 1973, the church can accommodate about 200 people. It includes a public library and an area dedicated to children, but its main objective is to invite people to return to the gospel and strengthen the faith of believers.

Church of Saints Peter and Paul :
Center of Hazmieh - Roman Orthodox Community.
The construction began in 1950, but did not open its doors to the believers before 1955. Now it can accommodate about 250 seated people. The Church is characterized by traditional arched stone design.

Church of the Resurrection :
Roman Orthodox Community - New Mar Takla
The land was bought in 1994 but the construction effectively started in 1996 and is in the verge of completion. It is expected to accommodate about 750 people (seated).

We must remember that most of these churches include under their wings committees, councils, brotherhood, pastoral, Knights and Vanguards. Friends and families of Hazmieh are gathered to serve the public good, fellowmen and the parish.