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 Welcome to the municipality of Hazmieh    
Hazmieh Schools

- Mar Roukoz pastoral school: This school was founded with the beginning of the parish in 1878, evolved with the development, and is today a primary school that enrolls in its ranks more than 150 students every year.

- High School of Our Lady of the Antonine Sisters: Established in 1961, it ranges from nursery to secondary schools, with about 1,300 students. It has a new branch in the public high school for secondary level.

- Elysee School: The school began its activities in the year 1998/1999 and currently has approximately 1,000 students from kindergarten to high school.

- Mechitarist Fathers School: Established in 1973 in Tabaris and moved in 1956 to Hazmieh. It has 400 students from kindergarten to high school.

- Melkart School: Established in 1971, with approximately 250 students in kindergarten. Its main branch was transferred to Louisa while the kindergarten level remained in Hazmieh.

- Lebanese University Institute LUC: One of the first vocational and technical schools, it began its activities in 1966 under the name of Hazmieh center of vocational and technical education. The scientific outlook was so much more promising than expected at its opening that the Lebanese University Institute was created in 1986 and now has nearly 500 students annually.

- Brain Power Company: Founded in 1981 and is concerned with the organization and training fields for human resources in Lebanese companies and foreign countries.