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 Welcome to the municipality of Hazmieh    
Name of Hazmieh

Opinions differ about the origin and the meaning of the name Hazmieh but this does nothing but emphasize the wealth of this region. Some say that the name Hazmieh derives from the Arabic language and has several meanings:

1. Place where horse carriages were prepared before traveling to the mountain, to the South and to the Capital.
2. A region inhabited by an Arab prince named Hazem.
3. Derived from the word "package" which refers to a thick object above the ground.

But as most Lebanese towns, villages and places, Hazmieh is taken from the Syriac language and is actually composed of two terms:
- Haza which means depth, and
- Maya which means water.

Thus, the meaning would be the depth of water which is in accordance with the fact that Hazmieh contains several water streams coming from springs and the most important one being Daychounieh spring that crosses Zubaydah barrages in the middle and the river at the bottom. To justify this interpretation, Hazmieh was anciently known as Ein El Hazmieh and was also known as the river, and its population was also known as the inshore residents with respect to the Beirut River, which bordered it on the east-north.